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Stretch - Clouded

I gotta know right now
Girl is you 'bout it
‘cuz I just smoked some kush and I feel clouded
So come to my way
We can spark up
I got something to say
I got something to place
Me and you baby and
We can stay lazy
Just gone off the haze
Maybe it’s a phase

But I got some pre rolls in my car
We can go so far
And forget about tomorrow, but
If you trying to be just like the rest
Then you know is right onto the next, so I

I gotta know right now
Girl is you 'bout it
‘cuz I smoked way too much and I feel clouded
I rolled up and blurred right in my fucking car
Vroom vroom skr skr bitch I’m going far
And I
I’m high and i’m gone
I’m bout to rip the bong now
And yeah, that’s what I said
So come girl and just hop up in my bed

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