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Still Woozy - BS

(Scared, scared)
Don't be mad, I know
(Scared, scared) Mad

I leave in the morning don't be mad, I know
I know you got some things hurting you bad, although
I got a million voices in my head, hollow
All of them keep telling me to go

Honestly lately
Honestly lately
Honestly lately, I wanna throw 'em all away
Honestly lately
Honestly lately and just lay with you all day

[Verse 1]
I wanna stay
Ain't gonna lie (Woo)
It don't get better than your big brown eyes, oh
I think I broke (What'd ya break?)
My brain, so I go

This song is about falling in love, yet still having a lot of inner anxiety and worries. The pre-chorus shows how he has “a million voices in his head” and feels “hollow”. Then the chorus says “honestly lately, I wanna throw them all away… and just lay with you all day”. Still Woozy is caught between his head and his heart. It’s scary falling in love, and that emotion is conveyed throughout this laid-back song.

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