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Statik Selektah - Keep It Moving

[Intro: Joey Bada$$]
I just can't get over losin' you (Statik Selektah)
So if I seem (Right, yeah)
Broken and blue (Check it out)
Walk on by

[Verse 1: Joey Bada$$]
Now I won't turn the other cheek, or walk away any time it's beef
If it's that, it'll be your last supper
I guarantee, I tuck a forty 'cause of casualties, I'm all ready
I studied 33 Strategies, so bite the bullet
Here's .223s through your cavities, they'll exit out the back of your mullet
Should I happen to pull this trigger, so how you figure, nigga?
I rid the evidence and wash my sins off in the same river

[Verse 2: Nas & Joey Bada$$]
Possessed by Marcus Garvey, the vessel, the body
Ancestors inside me, I'm startin' the insurrection
The pope's blessings upon me couldn't even calm me, protection
Come from prayers, my question, why they try to play us? I'm guessin'
It's 'cause I call from the mentals that might offend you
And when I wore my fatigues, what I got into
On the corner, had power, was a trappin' shorty
Makin' plays every hour (Yeah), I did it for the glory

[Verse 3: Joey Bada$$]
Just another nigga from the streets
Tryna find hisself a lil' piece of the pie
Know it's a bigger picture than the one that meet the eye, so
Might have to walk away from this life for my survival
I got dreams and visions, it's all gettin' colossal
Like movin' mom into a castle
'Cause it's a hassle gettin' caught up in the Devil's lasso
And that's what a wise man once told me
I got a lot of love and respect for my OGs
[Verse 4: Nas]
Lot of us turned out to predicate felons, not I
My bredrens addicted to sellin', slipped and turned to somebody selling
I wish that somebody would tell us then (Tell us then)
Tell us chances are slim when you dancin' with sin (Dancin' with sin, uh)
It all start from within
Suede Pumas back when I was chargin' 'em ten (Ten)
Who would have knew I would rock them events?
I rock with my young Gs, that's just common sense (Sense)

[Outro: Nas]
Statik Selektah
Yeah, Joey Bada$$
Mass Appeal, real, brrat
Life is a balancin' act for real
We'll get through it, just gotta keep it movin' (Movin')

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