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Static-X - Bled for Days

it s meaningless [3x]
i take the hold [4x]

it s mindlessness [4x]
i bled for days [4x]

get to the race
the healing of it fucking with it
conceal the scab you don t want to show (fate)
into the hate
i channel all the negative and
i bled for days now i take the hold

i don t believe it
fuck me, read me, get me
(bled for days)
smile on my rage i m scarred by age, i bled
(bled for days)

it s uselessness [3x]
make my weapons [3x]
take the hold

"Bled for Days" is the third single from the industrial metal band Static-X's debut album, Wisconsin Death Trip. It has appeared on several soundtracks, including the Universal Soldier: The Return and Bride of Chucky soundtracks. The music video for "Bled for Days" was recorded at a Static-X live show and mixed with the album version of the song. When Nick Oshiro auditioned for the band, the first song they played was "Bled for Days" and after they were done they knew they were going to recruit him.

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