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St. Paul & The Broken Bones - Like a Mighty River

All I need is a little tender touch
And yet we burn the coal
Oh, baby, I heard what you've been saying
And I know that we will be all right

You are just a tired girl
And I am just a tired boy
And we ain't gonna let it fall
But you can't, but you can't let me take you down
Cause we got to take it slow

Oh but I, I am just working hard
And you, you
You're just working through it
And all of us
Ah, we just play it cool
Your love, my love, our love
Oh, it's like a mighty river, baby

Please, lord, can you hear my prayer?
Don't let it fall on deaf ears
But ain't nobody hearin' me
So I guess I'll just have to speak up

She is just a pure girl
And I am just a dirty boy
And we're just trying to work it through
But there ain't, but there ain't no one to cut me
Like the words that she used

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