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Spite - Made To Please

Eye for an eye
Would be digging in with a rusty fork to scoop out your sight
It is my rage that makes me blind
There is no god here to hide behind

The sweet taste of revenge
As I carve my name into your skull
Drink your blood and piss it out
Hack off your genitals and shove them down into your mouth

Fuck you perverts I will hunt you down and kill you off
Avenge those left suffering
Swear I'll burn you all alive
I took the temple by the helm and lit flames to the filth inside
Smoke blacked out thе sky
I watched everybody diе

Here I stand before steaming guts and charcoaled flesh
I fried the motherfuckers
I'm taking back my innocence
Good fucking riddance

They tell me two wrongs don’t make a right
When I heard their screams I knew in murder I was justified
Some people deserve to die
Some people deserve to die

Hanging by the clock in desperate search of some relief
Using time to create false hope but death is just the beginning

I've intercepted your prayers
Fuck your fake remorse
You can beg but I don’t care
So sit the fuck down bite your tongue and take the fucking beating

Some people deserve to fucking die

Eye for an eye
The sweet taste of revenge as I drink your blood and piss it outYou might also like

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