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Spillage VIllage - Intro

[Intro: Announcer + critic]
Alright, ladies and gentlemen
I want to welcome you
To the greatest thing on this Earth
That you have seen, in this universe
That you have not seen
That you will not know
That you may not remember
Coming up, I present—Spillage Village!
Ain't nobody tryna see this shit, man
I don't know, son
Spillage Village, man?
Fuck all that shit, man
We wanna—I wanna hear some of that
Hey, man, I don't even know about no Spillage Village, man
Where are you niggas even from, man?
Spillage Village?
Come on, man, that shit sounds lame
Aight, aight, here they come, man
Hey, bro, look at these niggas, man
Oh, hell noYou might also like

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