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Sophie - It's Okay To Cry

[Verse 1: SOPHIE]
I don't mean to reproach you by saying this
I know that scares you
All of the big occasions you might have missed
No, I accept you
And I don't even need to know your reasons
It's okay, it's okay, it's okay
I think you sometimes forget
I would know you best
I hope you don't take this the wrong way
But I think your inside is your best side

[Chorus: SOPHIE]
I, was that a teardrop in your eye?
I never thought I'd see you cry
Just know whatever hurts, it's all mine
It's okay to cry (It's okay to cry)
I can see the truth through all the lies
And even after all this time
Just know you've got nothing to hide
It's okay to cry (It's okay to cry)
It's okay to cry (It's okay to cry)
It's okay to cry (It's okay to cry)

[Verse 2: SOPHIE]
I remember one time you were lost
I came to find you
And I knocked on your front door
That was you I'd never seen before
And I saw the magazine you were reading
And I read the page
And if I had just one single wish
Wish I could have said this
It's okay to cry

"It's Okay to Cry" is the 9th single by Scottish producer SOPHIE, it is also the first single for her album "Oil of Every Pearl's Un-Insides" and the first track from it.

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