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SoFaygo - Everyday

(Ayy, Woods, light that shit up)
Yeah, woo

Trapped in a box, feel like I can't breathe (Woah)
These niggas my sons, it ain't hard to see
Striped like a viper, I really got snipers, they up in the cut and they hit shit for me
Y'all niggas making this shit way too difficult, foot on the pedal, lil' bitch, I am speedin'
Like what should we call it now? Why is the shit that we built not holding together?
And my shooters hunt you down, all it's gon' take is one slip, make 'em float like a feather (Ayy, ayy, yeah, yeah)
Some things just harder to say (Yeah, woohoo)
I'm with my gang every day (Woohoo)
These hoes gеt wet like the bay (Yеah)

They wanna stay by my side 'cause they know I could get rich any day (Okay)
I tell that ho to slide and put all the feelings away (Okay)
You feel like suicide is the only way you can escape (Okay)
You gonna see better days, I promise it's gon' be okay (Go, go)
I know these niggas gon' hate so I got guns on me, all out of state (Woohoo)
She wanna know what the vibe is 'cause she don't got nowhere to stay
Wanna pull up with the top down, wanna pull up in a Wraith (Ayy, ayy, yeah)
I'ma cross up with your bae (Yeah), I told her she get one day (Okay)

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