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Snot - Requiem

We were ready for anything
Everyone knows some pain
I see the loss every time some ones says your name
When you know someone who shines hard
A soul of the age who doesn't care
Who the f**k you are
You had a friend, a brother who was everything
But he had to go away... that was yesterday
I've lost a lot of people in my time
The good, the bad, the unreal
And the one who shine
So I know you all understand
When I say that until they left
We were ready for anything... but this

You are not gone
We keep you here inside us
You are not gone
We know you're still beside us
You are not gone
We have this light you gave to us
Now it's time to lay to rest our friend
And through these songs
His memory will never f**king end
We will see that
Through this loss we'll shed some light on you
Until the day you left us

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