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Snail Mail - Pristine

[Verse 1]
Untraced by the world outside you
I'll never get real and you'll never change to me 'cause I'm not looking

[Verse 2]
Same night
Same humility for those that love you
Anyways, anyways
And if you do find someone better
I'll still see you in everything
Tomorrow and all the time

Don't you like me for me?
Is there any better feeling than coming clean?
And I know myself and I'll never love anyone else
I won't love anyone else
I'll never love anyone else

[Verse 3]
It just feels like
The same party every weekend
Doesn't it? Doesn't it?
And if you do find someone better
I'll still see you in everything
For always, tomorrow, and all the time

“Pristine” is the lead single released from Snail Mail’s debut album "Lush". It received a positive response and earned “Best New Music” from Pitchfork. In the song, frontwoman Lindsey Jordan sings about not being able to let go of the thought of a person, most likely an ex-lover. "“Pristine” in particular is very sarcastic and melodramatic in nature. It’s almost like punching Habit in the face and going, “You idiot.”" - via Consequence of Sound Lindsey has stated that she took inspiration from the song “Incinerate” by Sonic Youth when writing “Pristine.” Lindsey recorded “Pristine” in Simlish for The Sims 4: Island Living.

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