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Smino - Ruby Red

[Verse 1]
Girl that ass look like a grapefruit
Ruby red bone
No Pulp Fiction, my backseat got so much leg room
(Na-na, na-na)
Straight loot, what my head on
Guarantee, if you fall for me, I'll do you dead wrong
But I got this Jack though
And a big ass studio
Where the clique at right now
Getting to the M's till the lights out
Pour a little bit, sip it up, 'fore I hit the cut
Rip it up, like some old jeans, did it just because
You a star, gotta find your light switch
Turn it up
Never go dim again, I got plenty women
From the river front to Lake Michigan

Little baby I am not exaggerating, I could fuck around and change ya whole life
I sex ya, send a text like two weeks later
Man, I'm really, really, trying to do right
But, I'm a gentleman baby
No doubt about it
You got questions on questions, no interviews baby
Let's go somewhere private
We can star 69, take your ass to Uranus
My favorite planet
Zero gravity, how could you say no
Zero Gang with me everywhere I go
And it's all because...

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