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Smino - No L's

Knock, knock, knock
Loud knockin'
Good weed knockin' at your door
Fuck, fuck, fuck, and you know we fucked up
She was there, pull up, you know we gonna fuck
Oh, shit, she wanna coop up
No weak shit

Fried as fuck, Friday night (Friday night)
Drivin' hot as fuck (Hot as fuck)
Ain't got no license (Ain't got no lice')
I got all this stuff (All this stuff)
Stuff on my mind (Stuff on my mind)
[Verse 1]
These girls say, "Smino, don't you know Friday your day?"
I told her, "I'm up on Venus right now, girl, I'm outta your space"
And I know we face to face but I'm outta my body today
A nigga done worked so hard, I ain't even noticing gains
My only goal, get everything I want, then give it away
Cheesecake, sweepstake, plant seeds, irrigate
We just doin' this shit for the babes, please s'cuse
That's what all this passion in me, got me drillin' and shakin'
You are not sеt in stone, all that shit that you wrote wrote in pеncil and crayon (Crayon)
I'm goin' Crayola, get—, I'm goin' Crayola, get high as Jay Hova
Get my final say from the seance
My beautiful angel, my beautiful angel's my Beyoncé-ance
Ave Maria, agave tequila, my mind in the steamer, my brain a museum
Don't got what you see, I'm connected like seam
Cards that they dealt made a king out of him

Fried as fuck, Friday night (Friday night)
Drivin' hot as fuck (Hot as fuck)
Ain't got no license (Ain't got no lice')
I got all this stuff (All this stuff)
Stuff on my mind (Stuff on my mind)
Fried as fuck, Friday night
Drivin' hot as fuck
Ain't got no license
I got all this stuff (All this stuff)
Stuff on my mind
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One, two, three, four, fifth cup in
My amigo done brought the Casamigos to the party
Send hoes on my side
I been havin' these hoes on they toes like Crocs
Ironic, the pot was the Crock
Brought the sauce in the stu' and this bitch breathin' fire (Yeah-yeah)
Caucasian driver, no top, Greg Popp
But the spurs on that bih we outside (Horses)
The goal wasn't guap
It was makin' more opportunities and opps
Fortunate fortitude, we got some more to do
Lord protect me on my rides
I really feel more community than comp'
'Round here, we got motion
My bih ride around to Frank Ocean (These bitches want Nikes)
My bro ride around with explosives
I'm feelin' the spirit, the ghost
I can't be a mirror of somethin', that dog on the street that I go through
Sometimes, you gotta move when the spirit say so
Okay, Jose I'm on Cuervo
Been afflicted, feel like J-Lo
Just wanna lay low, sometimes
Sometimes I find that I'm just complainin'-plainin'
Sometimes I find the time to get wasted, sometimes

The sample used on the second song of the third album of Smino's “Luv 4 Rent” is the same sample used on the Tyler, The Creator and A$AP Rocky collaboration “Potato Salad“, which was produced by Kanye West.

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