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Sly & The Family Stone - In Time

There's a mickey in the tasting of disaster
In time (in time) you get faster
Harry Hippie is a waste as if he has ta
Something moving in the brain of a doer
In time (in time) feel a little newer
I switched from coke to pep and I'm a connoisseur
Mmm-hmm ('bout time)

'Cause there's a method in the madness of the thinking
In time (in time) oh we oughta
It seems the best of all the sadness is a sinkin'
In time (in time) muddy water
And there's a wreck yard in the mind of a quitter
In time (in time) he's gonna git bitter
He don't give a heck or is he blind and makin' litter
In time ('bout time) gonna need a babysitter

I felt so good I told the leader how to follow
In time (in time) get down
Sho' glad I could not feel indeed so very hollow
No need to follow
Insecurities attracting every flirter
In time (in time) yeah, it's murder
If you don't mind please why give slack to a deserter
In time ('bout time)

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