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Slutever - Smother

[Verse 1]
In a woman
I'm confused because you're not in the room
Forgot my breathin'
Kinda hungry, but I'm anxious
And I need somethin' soft
I'm still teethin'
Forget it now
We get along until the timer goes off
Its time for seethin'
Hold my hand 'till I stop cryin'
Tell me everything's fine
Smother me, yeah

Smother me
Smother me
Smother me

[Verse 2]
Nothing's wrong
But I'm unhappy
And I can't decide why, I start cryin'
Stay that way, and kick and scream until I get what I want
I'll keep whinin'
I like to move around, but everytime I stand up I fall
So I stopped tryin'
Hold my hand and carry me
And tell me everything's fine
Smother me, yeah

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