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Slint - Nosferatu Man

I live in a castle
I am a prince
On days I try
To please my queen

Soon as I start to smile
My smiling queen
Who sits across the table
By the food she made

Like a bat I flushed the girl
And I flew out my back door
And I came to no one no more
She ran without glances
And railed like a red coal train

Eyelids are open
When the sun is high
I slip away from my queen's
Grey state

I can be settled down
And be doing just fine
Until I heard that old train
Rolling down the line

With the light she disappeared
And set me in a whirl
And i hope that beautiful girl

I set a fire burning
And I railed on through the night
I set a fire burning
And I railed on through the night

She peeked around the corner
She offered me her hand
My teeth touched her skin
Then she was gone again

Now my queen is fine
In her early grave
After that girl I'll keep her warm
There's nothing more to save

"Nosferatu" is a classic German expressionist and horror film from 1922 that was an unauthorized adaptation of Bram Stoker’s 1897 novel Dracula. Because the film studio did not own the rights to the novel, several names were changed, as in the case of “Nosferatu”, meaning “vampire”. The lyrics of “Nosferatu Man” were heavily inspired by the film, and contain vampire-like and horror imagery and fuses its themes.

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