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Siouxsie and the Banshees - Into the Light

Into the line
I see it fine
Into the line
Our hearts entwine
Remember when
Your time again
Standing in the light
Always sitting in the line
Newer on a side
Always wanting to be right
Standing in the light
I never wanted to be right
Now I'm attracted to be light
And blinded by the sight
Dead ahead in the night
Burning in the light
And knowing that it's right
Driving in the night - Dead ahead in the light...
Into the light...
Into the light
I see it fight
Into the light
A new horizon
Bleached into white
Kept out of sight
Pushing out the light...

“Into the Light” presents an engaging and systematic reflection on death and what comes after it. It is written from the perspective of a person with conflicting beliefs about religion and morals, and leading the listener to reflect on the same themes.

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