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Sinking Ships - Ghost Story

Been telling myself that it passes in time, that the words they erode as the light goes dim, and in time there will be peace and that time will erase and that time can break you down. held hostage by the past, held hostage by those days, and you want to escape and you want to remain, here. please dont let me forget. living in this disconnect. there are those times when you connect to the space left empty by the words you never exchanged, and you never heard. those words we simply felt. ben breaking yourself, youve been counting on time and time can take so much to believe in. wish me luck, let me remember. and it scares me to know that one day i won't be haunted by your ghost (stay with me) that one day ill lay awake and struggle to remember a face (stay with me) it will be lost ill breathe, remembering that i won't remember anything (stay with me) it never stops

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