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Signals Midwest - Your New Old Apartment

I only saw you a couple times last year
Once at a wedding and once at a funeral
I wore the same clothes to both
And I was worried you would notice
'Cause yours were impeccable
You filled me in on potential five-year plans
You're thinking of jobs and homes and children
Slowly rotating a silver wedding band
Between your thumb and middle finger

And I wondered, "Oh my god, did I get lost?
Am I young enough to just move on?"

I saw a classmate I hadn't seen in years
He was well dressed and I fucked up our handshake
"How's making music? I haven't listened yet
But somebody said you're doing great."
And it felt like a dream at double speed
On a Greyhound back from Pittsburgh
Comparing something like that to where others are at
What a backwards way to calculate self-worth

My mother's out there climbing mountains
My father's finished with his work
My sister's moving to a brand new city
My brother's looking out for her
But anyway, thanks for having me over
To your new old apartment
I'm doing well, my flight was fine
I see you listened to the record that I sent you
I wish I saw you all the time
But this is fine

I hope I see you a little more this year
I want a good look at the life that you're building

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