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Shuggie Otis - Aht Uh Mi Hed

Aht uh mi hed, it's glowing
Aht uh mi hed, it's glowing

Aht uh mi hed cause I heard
Something said in a word
From your voice did I hear
Only choice, dear?

Aht uh mi hed, je taime
From shots that shot above
Aht uh mi hed things are different

Aht uh mi hed all the time
In the bed for a rhyme
Flashing back to your air
And the good there

There magic too
When the spread is on you
Won't you read me a trip
From your whip here? Whoo

It's about time for something new
You got to grow, got to grow (yeah)

Aht uh mi hed
Aht uh mi hed

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