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Shadows Fall - Redemption

1st Verse
Intimidation, I stand before you now
Hold my crown, you won't strike me down
A validation of all the blood I spill
Survival of my will

(Pre Chorus)
There's nothing left to say
Yourself you have betrayed
We must try to seize the day


All the world will hear you
Our voices can't be bound
All the world will hear you
Redemption in the power of the sound

[2nd Verse]
Interpretation of all the thoughts I share
Draw you near, creating all your fear
A brand new nation for those who perservere
The future is so clear

(Pre Chorus)



(Repeat Chorus)

"Redemption" is the lead single from the album Threads of Life. The song made its premiere on Sirius Radio's Hard Attack station on February 16, 2007 and was released on iTunes on February 20. The song was sent to radio in March. On December 6, 2007, Redemption was nominated for a Grammy for Best Metal Performance. It appeared on the game Madden NFL 08. The band filmed a music video for "Redemption", directed by Zach Merck. The video shows the band playing the song on a roof. It was filmed in Los Angeles.

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