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Seventeen - Trauma

English Translation

[Chorus: Mingyu]
I’m in trauma it’s got me singing
Stuck in trauma I just wanna sing
Blah blah blah blah why can’t I forget
That’s my trauma my trauma yeah

[Verse 1: Vernon]
Trauma got me bad bad
I dropped out of school in 8th grade
Basically had no friends
Boxed in boxed in my own world
Stuck in my fantasy like dreaming it to be real life
I waited without thinking but okay I realize
I'll just be alone like this I don't know what to do except for this
Stuffing ear with earphone with the volume increase
I don’t wanna be alone
Because I don’t want to forget imma sing this song anybody listening?

[Pre-Chorus: S.Coups]
I’m barely breathing
Like I forgot how
It’s too hard for me
To be lenient with myself
Feels like debt
All the light on me
The stage is getting bigger
But the place in my heart
Is so small

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