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Set Your Goals - This Will Be The Death Of Us

I spent the end of the day thinking about the changing of our lives
The kids we were set out to play the music through the songs that gave us drive
And that was only five years ago, It was three last time we sang
About the "dead men" and the rising of a scene we wanted so bad to help make

I was ready to let me let go until I heard a shouting from you
Yeah, the very thing I had to keep me grounded when I fell through
When death comes for us...

Terrible lies I had been pulling out my sides
There were so many of me yelling, cursing, fighting, hitting anger to learn why
I was losing all I'd worked for I was losing all my friends,
I was losing my own voice coughing a demon bent on breaking.

I was ready to let me let go until I heard a shouting from you.
Yeah, the very thing I had to
Keep me grounded when I fell through

I've had my doubts. And I had to run away home
They drag me down to try to breathe again on my own
Built in my head, Still I couldn't stand to follow
I'm burning them down. The program has a glitch that I don't want now
I am too down to stay with sound that keeps me alive.
With a loud shout and a heart crowd, we will roll the die; four, then five,
Until we drop.

... I drop a 1, 2, 3 over the ground. It's broken.
This is all our days ahead, this is where I found an open.
And longer roads under here where stability isn't half as clear
When I'm trapped alive. Here it's the rush that makes it worth it...

This will be the death of us, my friends.

(Spoken word outro)
Our instincts are being re-routed

feat. Vinnie Caruana from I Am the Avalanche and ex-The Movielife

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