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Sean Kingston - That Ain't Right

That ain t right (that ain t right)
He ain t messing with a G no more
cause I m on my grind
And you said it s either or
Coming late at night
And you fussing when I walk in the door
And that ain t nice
Girl, you make me wanna leave for sure

I m in the studio laying out tracks
My girl keep tripping off that
Blowing up my phone like where I m at
Oh oh oh oh oh oh
She said she one more time
But baby I m on my grind
I m trying to get my shine
And I feel like you holding me back

[Hook (x2):]
Me no like the way you treat me girl
Sit down lets talk lemme reason girl
I know I be deceiving you girl
cause I really wanna hold you down


Now she s messing with a Cat
cause I m grindin chasing these stacks
Say she s gonna leave and never come back
Oh oh oh oh oh oh
Baby I m not gonna lie
I think you re wasting my time
I trying to get my shine and I feel like you re holding me back

[Hook x2]


You make me wanna leave and get away
But music is what I breathe, so, baby
Stop stressing me -- this is what I do
Baby, let me be or I can t be with you

[Hook x2]


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