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Scrim - Nightmare on the Northside

You did good, $lick
Yeah, yeah, yeah, ayy

[Verse 1]
Pull up with the hammer, cock and blam it in a fuck boy
I'ma Instagram ya, grab the camera while I stomp your
Motherfuckin' head 'til you dead or you comatose
Motherfuck the feds and their dad's breeding little hoes
Used to use the Arm 'N' Hammer just to cook a gram up
Now I wake up in the morning, 'bout a hundred K up
Came a long way from Jeffer Drive, tryna stay alive
Now they screamin' "$uicide", down to ride, down to die
It's the G59, throw the sign, three fingers high
Fuck the other side, no matter who it be, can suck on my
Motherfucking dick, hold the spit unless you is a bitch
Hoes give me head while I'm dead, overdosed and shit

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, what?

[Verse 2]
Okay, switch it up
Clip been loaded up, what?
You want the Anna? Well congrats, you met your match, boy
Got so many rooms up in my house, I lost count
Got millions all up in my bank account from clicking mouse
Hootie-hoo! Whoopty-whoop! I let my shooters shoot (Shoot)
It ain't a thing to do, I don't give a fuck 'bout who is who
Boy, throw up that six, I'm off that crucifix
Don't make me run your shit, the reaper with the scythe, yeah
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(Ayy, what it do man?)
(Northside ho, northside, ho) Yeah
(Northside, ho, northside, ho, northside, ho, northside, ho) Ayy
(Northside, ho, northside, ho, northside, ho, northside, ho) What?
(Northside, ho, northside, ho, northside, ho northside, ho) Yeah

[Verse 3]
Killer from the sticks in the Carhartt camo (Yeah)
Spirits fill my lungs, never smoking on Camel (Ayy)
If you want the Anna, got the ammo, we can tango (Yeah)
All my homies sippin', got their Codeine in the Faygo (Ayy)
Usually off them drugs but the boy cleaned up (What?)
Still that crazy motherfucker, red beamed up
Fuck with me if you feel me, if you don't, we fix it quick
You can call me "Lil Stingley", corner locked in my grip

[Verse 4]
Got that yellow tape, bloody ground
Now his soul's in the clouds
Now your bitch in my house
Either fucking or she sucking, I don't hear her mouth
Always pimpin', never simpin', born out the south
It's the northside shorty, keep a gold mouth
White G-nikes, fuck a Fila when we bust down
Fuck a chain or a ring, I ain't no fuckin' clown
Don't make me ride with the whomp, you know how it go
Don't make me slide with the pump unless you is a hoe
You want that shit that's steady bumpin'? You know where to go
I do this shit off in my sleep and spit this off the dome
(Northside, northside, northside, northside) Yeah!
(Northside, northside, northside, northside) Ayy!
(Northside, northside, what, what-what? What?) What?
(Northside, northside, northside, northside) Yeah
(Northside, northside, northside, northside) Yeah, ho
(Northside, ho, northside, ho, northside, ho, northside, ho) Yeah
(Northside, ho, northside, ho, northside, ho, northside, ho) Ayy
(Northside, ho, northside, ho, northside, ho, northside, ho)
(Northside, oh)

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