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Scrim - Jesus Wept

You did good $lick

[Verse 1]
Even Jesus cried
When I die, don't shed tears for I
Paint me on a cross, soul lost
Never bought, motherfuck it all
Fuck these boys, I gotta ball
In fifth gear, no time to stall
I been walked before I crawled, hoe

Flex time, next time
Hit me on my dope line
Got the sack, got the pack
Motherfucker, run it back
(Ha, ha, ha, ha) (Go, go)

[Verse 2]
Prescription pills got my eyes low
Ducked out as I’m gripping on the .44
If I go broke though, bet I'm robbing
All black ski mask, River Road mobbing
Hold that Draco up, balance out my double cup
Keep it in the trunk, got ammo from Texas, bruh
Bush creeping, soul seeking
Grim reaper, leave 'em leaking, ayy
On the corner, off the bars, selling hard

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