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ScHoolboy Q - Birds And The Beez

[Verse 1: ScHoolboy Q]
Straight to the block, to the hood, to a spot
Cocaine to a rock, duece duece in a sock
Every dollar closer to a drop
Every drop is closer to a cop
Every cop is closer to a cell
Hit the cell your ticket right to hell
No job, no bail
No fam, no mail
Institution another nigga, fail
Go from pussy to a prison tale
Fuck that, I quit while I'm ahead
Ship my music off with Amistad
Turn it up and hear the ghetto pledge
Live righteous nigga like my brother said
King Tut, Martin Luther, Malcolm X, but I'm the shoota'
Top ramen, knowledge for the noodle
Finally gettin' praised
Yeah, kudos
Doing bad, still love the need
Connect said it's something up his sleeve
Said, I rather bust off them keys
Yeah nigga birds and the beez

[Bridge: ScHoolboy Q]
Birds and the beez
Birds and the beez

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