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Saturn - letz 5hake

[Intro: saturn]
I was talking yesterday and I was like, I said some shit like, "Don't trust nobody but yourself"
And I think my mic’s a little too high right now, so I'm gonna have to fuckin' cut this off
Shit, I hate Google

[Verse 1: saturn]
Yeah, yeah, they wanna take all of my funds
My heart don’t weigh no tons
Ain't ever have too much fun
Overload myself all at once
Can't ever have hoes, it's fun
Got one too many, I'm done
Wanna see me lose my smile
Wanna see me trip up but I won't, I won't
Every song I'm postin’ now doin’ better than most, what a show
Pull a dagger from my throat and it's bleeding me out, on the low
They won’t ever know
That I waste my timе inside my Hell stepping on burning coals
Wе ransack your past
If you don't keep up, turn into a fat stack
No CashApp, no cash
I don't ever wanna need a strap
But I might blast, who knows
My state won't let me tote
If things get rough one day, I might turn it on myself and blow
[Interlude: Travis Touchdown, Henry Cooldown, & saturn]
(I might turn it on myself and blow)
That was my kill, you naughty boy (I might turn it on myself and blow)
Shall we get this over with? (I might turn it on myself and blow)
And don’t hate me if I play a tad dirty (I might turn it on myself and blow)
Fine by me (I might turn it on myself and blow)
After you

[Verse 2: saturn]
Scrape the bottom, no luck
One shot get me numb
My clover's a three, and the seams come undone
She grab onto my hip, but my belt got some studs
I fed her empty words, I shove 'em down 'til she throw up

[Interlude: Deth Coni & saturn]
Go, go, go (Wo-woah)
Go, go, woah (Wo-wo-wo-wo-woah)
Bitch, go, go (Wo-wo-wo-wo-)

[Verse 3: Deth Coni]
I put the mask on (Mask on, mask on)
My face hides in black cloth (Black cloth, black cloth)
I stole a ride not too long ago (Not too long)
This time, I won't travel down the road
Don't ask, last time they did we left 'em all layin' up with toe tags
Get back, your soul's just an item I would like to ransack (Yeah, yeah-yeah)
I told bro, "Don't pass that", I don't need to track that (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
When it comes my time I'll face it way too fast, no fast act
I'm losing all my balance, caught up in a trap, it's
Way too hard to leave 'cause as you see, these are my actions (Yeah, yeah, let's go)
I don't like packin' 'em all, yeah (Go, go, go, go)
I lost my head in the walls, yeah (Go, go, go, go)
She lost my love in the fall, yeah (Go, go, go, go)
Now, that's a hell of a cost
I went to Onyx, I learned how to ball
I learned never be scared of the fall (Go, go)
Nowadays, I'm standing up so tall, so tall, tall
You might also like[Outro: Travis Touchdown, Sylvia Christel, & saturn]
This dude says he wants to fight, and ain't nobody gonna stop him
This ass clown right here—
Hey, he's gone
Mr. Sir Henry Motherfucker, he just jetted
What a pussy
Sorry, save that aggression for your next match
Yo, shoutout Braxton Knight
He always inspired me to, like, put the video game shit in my songs, huh

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