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Saturn - Days

Oh my fucking goodness, bro, holy shit
Whoa, whoa
Bloodhounds and NOVAGANG

[Verse 1: Saturn]
Rock star, baby, I'ma tear apart
Guitar like I'm trying to park a car
Racks in, I just want to make a mark
You're batshit, baby, I'ma take it far
Redacted, keep it silent in the dark
I got burns, let me open up my scars
My gut turns every time I'm makin' art
You're not sure, gotta make sure that you are
Red shirt, I'ma rip it all apart
It won't hurt in the moment I depart, oh
Dances, stepping all on joker cards
Batshit and I bloodied up my arm
Sad shit, gotta hold onto your heart
Calling phones but it's looking like a farce
Hit a plug, I need a thousand in a day
I'm on a Vicodin delay, I'm gonna drown inside the lake
They tell me, "Saturn, that you don't got what it take"
I lost sight of what they say, I put my idols in the cave
Boot in your face, I don't care what you say
Sword on my hip and you know that shit slay
I'm a Nova-Hound till the day I decay
They can hate on me, I'ma say it's okay
[Verse 2: osquinn]
I feel empty, please step in and rent me
Give me what you owe, all I'm looking for is plenty
Oh, there's a twenty, only one that wants me
Stab me in the back and even after, you still haunt me
I never thought things would never go my way
I'm telling you everything's not what you say
I bought a house just to die in it today
I seem annoying so I'll just go away
Silent in the middle of the table
Can't speak, feeling mentally disabled
Walk around with a big fat label
"Don't talk to p4rkr, he's mentally unstable"
I feel like I am normally stressed out
Pushed away so I have no IRLs now
New clips, feel like I'ma gun myself down
Shout-out Saturn, doing big so don't talk down now
Don't fuck with Bloodhounds, we keep some glizzwalds
You don't believe me? Go talk to Pitfall
You're so annoying, a fucking pinball
I'm gonna throw you, splat like a spitball
I'm getting weird looks, now I'm an oddball
Call me a loser, bitch, I'm an all-star
I sit at home and just watch the rainfall
We stay protected like we carry an AllSpark
You fuck with us then I'ma bomb your car
I can't stand to watch these pussies make it this far
You pass my court like a judge, you'll get disbarred
Take care of you then take you out to the shipyard
That went extremely fucking well

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