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Saints Never Surrender - This Moment

I will walk with pride
So it's been a year
Thankfully, I'm still standing strong
I'm still here and even after all this time
My passion has not faded, nor has my sincerity
Starting up where I left off
I'm still trying to change the world
But alas, I am only a man
There's only so much I can do with the time I have
I'll give this all I have and more
It seems the only way our songs and aspirations will ever be heard
Will they ever be heard
And let's just say I've been inspired by her
Cause when you've been seen the way I've been seen
You will understand
Or maybe I'm just striving for an equal beauty which I will never achieve
Let's follow our dreams tonight
Almost every day I wake to a world that's growing darker and bitter, wasting away
But some days I wake to light
One of these days I'll change the some to every day
The fleeting to everlasting
Just you wait and see
These times call for more than action
For what can be achieved by action alone
What good is process without passion
Let's follow our dreams tonight

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