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Saint Motel - Sweet Talk

[Verse 1]
Oh, when it's cold
I get warm just thinking of you
When I'm alone
I stare at stars and hope dreams come true

You're probably not aware
That I'm even here
Well you might not know I exist
But I don't even care

Sweet talk
Everything you say
It sounds like
Sweet talk to my ears
You could yell
"Piss off! Won't you stay away?"
It'll still be
Sweet talk to my ears

[Verse 2]
Oh, when you laugh
I forget that it's about me
But it's alright
Yeah, cause being your punchline
Still is something

The fifth song from the album "saintmotelevision", “Sweet Talk” keeps a trimphant and upbeat tone whilst describing an incredibly unrequited love. In this case, our protagonist holds a deep affection for someone, talking in length about just how love-struck they are. Even despite the cruel, dismissive manner their object of affection appears to act, any attention or recognition is enough to stay attached.

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