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SLEEP WAKER - Melatonin

Wake up

[Verse 1]
Press my fingers against my eyes
Twist all the shapes inside my mind
You'll all be fine, just take what we gave you
When you sleep, where does your body lie?
There is something reminding me
That it all ends tonight
My veins slowly pulling me back into the needle's eye
Holding us down, forcing pain onto your dead eyes
You know they’re pulling me
Back into the needle’s eye

Come find me
And take your sleep
It’s not the kind you need, but something equally binding
Do we really know where our bodies lie
When we fall back asleep?
Just sit back and fall into dreams

[Verse 2]
You think you’ll see
The end of suffering
Just take your pill to pass the time
Look in the past
Stare in the blank face
Hallucinogens make you feel alive

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