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SL - Versus

[Intro: SL]
Yeah, look, let's go

[Verse 1: SL & M1llionz]
Bout time man move off
I was on the strip tryna rake it, get home yard and I watched some Boondocks
Pretty one said she wanna come crib, blindfold ting till she takes her shoes off
Sweetest thing, blow my stick whIle I'm blowing my moon rocks
Lagga, yo
Yo wait, just cool off
Don't move yet, got a sale but by the park for one of the dark and two rocks
Told that gyal "You ain't staying for long, so there's no point relaxing and taking shoes off" (Yeah)
I never met El Chapo, was a youth from the hood that I first got food from
[Verse 2: SL & M1llionz]
Look, look
First got food off of a big bro, I was out here, I was doing my job
Then I hit a lick, no bingo, took a quick pack off a foolish fob
Nigga, why not? Me, I need cash, he can't stack up my prof
I was like "Damn, I need to better my stack", you was like "Damn, I need to better my watch"
Yo, you bought jewels and copped no hammers, in all honesty bro, you're doing it backwards
Machines get copped, dinger whips get copped and so do bullets and stab vests
Told my bro when you're checking for CCT, make sure you check all the cameras
Saw your opp and you never wan' creep it, that's a rookie move, should've took advantage

[Verse 3: SL & M1llionz]
Yeah, nigga let me advance
YT mad cah he missed his swing
Taz in the can 'cah he took his chance
Tesco bag if I got no gym, I can't hit that chick if she got no arse Jakes pop out, that's a serious sprint
'Cah that K9 grips anybody who's last
Sweetest flavours, 'nuff fragrance get put in my pot
I weren't tryna get no thot, I was parked outside Stephen's spot
Bro-bro with the meanest drop
Still stardawg for the regulars, gelati if you're feeling posh
They come here, tryna even odds
Yo, the Jamaicans say that I'm hard head
Cah even when I'm on the island I'm still tryna rise machines and rass it
Auntie Debbie still pissed with me, didn't sell her a ting now she calls mancrasses
Copped my flick shank pon the market for times when it's stiff and I can't bring the darg in
M's got the carbine in the function, metal detectors, must be faulty
Either way, man's cool, man's cozy, told bro "You're good man, produce your Rollie"
Two man up in t'ree blacked out stoleys, this is the wrong day to wear man's Stoney
Asking hella questions, is my man nosy?
Going gym everyday won't help when this .38 slug beats through protein
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Yo, I heard my man's rapping now (yeah), what's he gunna talk about, footie? (what)
A thousand pebs in this cunch mobile, mad man I don't stand at no bookies
Look, I don't even want them cookies, it smells too weak and her buzz look boomy
And she ain't even giving no nookie but I still put one on her best friend's nunie
Yo, I can't lie, I'm not too bothered she hold contrabands for a minimal fee
Bad bitch don't ask for no P inbetween, just weekly lickings of weed (yeah)
Damn, bitch pick up my trees, I bill big heads in the trap
I got kit kats tryna pick up my leaves
Little nigga but the force too clean
Stack my cash, it's the same regime
Two hours on they work, shank in my hand, I don't need no beam
Yo, mhmm, niggas getting it mixed
What have you done this lockdown? Corona time, I bought two new sticks
Either probation or high street bop and that's the only time man roll with flicks

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