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SL - Gigantalous

Let me talk real quick
But the price gotta give
Ay, let's go

[Verse 1]
Why you talking loads?
Like, ease off bro, let me talk real quick (Real quick)
Man I smoke that crow, it's good to the nose, why the price gotta give? (Go low)
I wanna fly to another dimension
Me and brodie with two naughty twins (Naughty)
And she can tell I weren't paying attention
It still ended with a naughty fling (Bad one)
Just landed on the strip
See couple goonies and I start spud fists (Spud fists)
Then I walk past nick-nack Rosie
Said she cut down but I know she ain't quit (Kit-kat)
Then I go see the same old rasta, always chilling by the football pitch
Then I walk past the same old splash-splash, still active with the same old twitch
He was chatty 'til the script got flipped
Yeah, she bad 'cause she give no hints
He said in his song, "When you see him it's on"
He saw him, and he done sprint
Yeah, he said in his song "The talking's long"
But he never done shit
Bro said he wants food, say nuttin' my dude
Amni's with the stardawg dip
If the feds ask me, I say, "Fuck knows"
Take a trip and I fly out the cosmos (Gone)
If the pack comes in I say bingo (Yeah)
And I break this down to the upmost
I ain't really got time for a bimbo (Nah)
Flip shank, got to get a boy up close
I got cuties loving the lingo
But she be tryna cuff a boy like Columbo
Tell her "Eat up", no gumbo
Dead face but the booty's jumbo
Phone for a pack and it came, that's a quick exchange and we left with the dun know
Won't go away, tryna creep in my brain so I had to make sure it was shut, closed
Try step in my shoes, can't come close
Have you walking home with a bruk toe
Like hey bro, I'm that nigga that done him on the main road
Why every time I order a burger, boss man can't take off the mayo (Joker)
He want smoke so I gave him the okay
But he took two pull and got KO'd
Brodie been trapping for the whole day
Now I get why the nigga don't stay home
Bro will do it bait then pose for the cameras
Move that shit away, I only smoke that asparagus
Bro, if life's a game, let me choose all my characters
Free bro, the jury's verdict was unanimous (Free him)
Bro, if you ever saw the back, it was scandalous
Got me making up new words: Gigantalous (Heh)
Gigantalous, yeah, ay

[Verse 2]
SL, niggas know me with a stogie, inhale and exhale
And if their girl cut tru', then we scream "Bogey", and all the niggas dem yell
He shoulda poked me but he turned McFoley (Fighter), now it won't end well
Yeah, it coulda been that but he's just a bit moany and we just don't gel
I be in the back just kicking
White girl and she telling me she love me
She love me like a nigga love chicken (Yeah)
And I wish I could say I was kidding
Feds done man hard, yeah, I still got charged cah my story weren't too convincing (Pissed)
All he does is bark, all I do is laugh
He's just a stupid dimwit (Stupid)
Big back with a booty, I wanted me a movie and all I got was a trailer
If her friend looks good then we're doing switche-roonies, and tell your friend, "See ya later"
Like akh, cool off, I'm tryna stack my spondoolies
Why you wanna hate on my paper?
And your dookie's way too fruity
This is SL, my flow, see ya laterYou might also like

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