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Yeah, yuh
Kio, Kio
Uh, uh

[Verse 1]
If you fuck with me, he pushin' petals
Somewhere in a meadow, six feet under is his new level
I am considered a rebel 'cause I never settle
Ah, pshht, 'cause I'm hot like a kettle
Your bitch is a rental, I had to pay incidentals
And they act funny, Jay Leno
Twisted my metal, now they actin' shaky like treble
These niggas food like kibble (Um)

It’s up like ice in a cup (Yeah-yeah, yeah, woo-ah)
Said, "Fuck, my president, Donald Trump" (Yeah-yeah, yeah, woo-ah)
Life Alert, I'm stuck off the Perc', I can't get up (Yeah-yeah, yeah, woo-ah)
I call them underwear 'cause they can't seem to get off my nuts (Get, get, get, get)

[Verse 2]
America sucks, U.S.A. to me mean us and don't touch (Uh-huh)
Like Big Time Rush, we four deep in the Jeep seats made out of crocodile nuts
In God we trust, Starsky, Hutch (Hutch)
Seein' police, then a nigga gotta duck (Duck)
Said, "I'm skatin' on thin ice with no puck" (Yeah, yeah)
Ain't that funny? 'Cause a nigga don't give no fucks (Yeah-yeah, yeah-yeah, yeah-yeah)
Okay, this ain't even verse two
But they still tryna figure me out, Scooby Doo, uh-huh
But I'm a mystery, I left a Blue's Clue, uh-huh
She kissin' on me like I got a boo boo, uh-huh (Boo boo)
With a thick bitch at a picnic (Haha)
I ain't pack no food, just a bottle of the goop (Bottle goop)
My weed has the stench of platypus poop
Or better yet, Captain Sparrow black boots (Ew)
Know your nigga got a sweet tooth, Augustus Gloop
Givin' his bitch wood, no Groot, uh-huh (Ayy, ayy)
Inspector Gadget-style trench coat with the Burberry print on the rope, ah, ah (With the Burberry print)
Ratatouille how I'm cookin' with the sauce, they want
Hit the motherfucker with the rope-a-dope (Hit the motherfucker with the rope-a-dope)
My wrist on ice-atope (Wrist on ice-atope)
I need a minute, let me light my Pope (Um)