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[Verse 1]
Jack on the track with a flashback what is that
Underground rap click-clack you want none of that
Run it back if you hear the poetry in motion
Rub it on your skin like lotion, my potion is potent
No poaching or biting
Even though my flow is so exciting
You can go and get your own you can wreck one
Banged up, dented up, messed up, bet one
You can put some money down on it, down on it
Dip it in chocolate, put a coat around on it
You might even wanna dip it in vanilla
And go pop with it sell records like it’s thriller
Or put it on layaway and pay for it later
And ride around with it say hi to the haters
If you're flat broke then I guess you conceal it
But I can’t guarantee that the folk gon’ feel it
You might as well plant it in the soil and grow it
So base heads can wrap it in tin foil and smoke it
Break it down put it in the bag with the fiends and sell it on the block in a pair of old jeans
But get a good year cus you might catch a case
Cus nowadays people they ain’t spraying you with mace
So you might have to call Dominicans and get a gun for it
Uptown but you better make a run for it
Tell the truth, you’re better off going to school for it
Me and Cee-Lo gon’ act like a fool for it
Some people just lust for it, lust for it
Me personally I hopped on the bus for it
Paid dues, slave crews, yeah yeah all of that
That’s why when they holla now I don’t holla back
I’m in the lab tryna break a few rules with it
Slicing and dicing, twisting it pulling it
I even melted it down
It look nice when it fell to the ground
Mix back here with nature where it came from
Scooped a little up in my hand just to save some
I swear to god I would die for it like Prince
Sometimes I get high for it, my friends
Try to tell me not to get so addicted
Tried to quit but my addiction just shifted
Now I do it at least one time daily
Sneaking and creeping and acting all crazy
They want me to go to rehab for it
I don’t care though ima be there for it
Leave me alone, I need it in my life
Cus without it, there ain’t shit in my life
The it that I’m speaking about is oh so ill
And if you don’t know now then you probably never will
[Verse 2]
N****s in Atlanta ask what it do
New York battle rapping, Tetris is cool
Miami they base it
LA they smoke it
R&B stroke it
Rock wanna toke it
Pop wanna poke it
Dubstep focus
Last poets spoken
Biz Markie doped it
It's the borg in star trek engulf shit
Evolution then we morph it
Intravenous it puffs in my veins
Overdose on it when I jump on the stage
Bought in speakers and it bump in my range
And it don’t mean a thing if it don’t got that swing
(Do-wa, do-wa, do-wa)
Duke Ellington did it with big band in 1943
Midnight marauder 1993
And made it my bitch until (zero-one-five)
Brilliant and lit like filament
House party towin in the project tenement
Case would say it’s I-T
With my S-P-E double L-L to L-Y-R-I-C
Don’t B-I-T-E
What I W-R-I-T-E
Incredible W-I-T me
G-O-D, M-I-C
Was a board lot of blacks be indignant
Sometimes ignorant is all about the benjamins
Hmm, who is it
It made me learn so I was nice when I spit it
Something about it like something about mary
I'll come with it until your girlfriend's hairpiece
Stickin up, I be picking up my headphones
Quick enough, to hop in the booth
And make sure it’s sick enough please believe it
Forty-eight laws and I wield it like a secret
Alley cat, junkyard van heat cliff
Sad some clowns use it just to beef with
Oxymorons aquanaut deep diving
My inspiration to keep striving
To perfect it, exceptional eclectics
I’m the purest fuckin skeptic and I rep it
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Now see what we don’t wanna do
We don’t wanna do
Is just get up here and just do shit you done seen and did
And you know, just wear shit we’ve worn before and things like that, ya know?
We come out to give a little something different
But we gon get into a little something like this