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SEMI HENDRIX - Breakfast at Banksy's (feat. Coast Contra 4rax)

[Intro: Ras Kass]
Squeeze the juice out of the headphones
Semi Hendrix
What up, Jack Splash?

You know I woke up
Eggs over medium
Turkey bacon
Breakfast at Banksy's
You know?
Check it out!
[Verse 1: Ras Kass]
Yo, I was born to spit
Cos I sing like Ice JJ Fish
Get rich, bad kid on my bay bay shit!
Extortin' wack rappers like "Pay-day bitch!"
You watch Kardashian sex tape, stare at Ray J dick... ew
Lames claim they doubt that like
Spit bar upon bars, I'm about that mic
Pit rhyming to my celly, I'm about that kite
OJ and Nicole, I'm about that knife
Cut your head clean off, I'm about that nice
To switch from Dr. Jekyll to Mr. Hyde
So Mr., hide! We fixed the ride!
Stupid hipsters in Brooklyn, shit's gentrified
My posse feel like hiphop got too flossy
I'ma put a rapper in a wheelchair like Degrassi
And reverse and put them in a hearse
Then put them in the dirt
Cos rappers let record labels put them in a skirt
Buy a matching purse
Huh, the truth hurts
Eat it like Big Lurch
I'm a animal, cannibal, Hannibal Lector
Organic and mechanical, tyrannical conjecture
Listen: when gods speak, you're a mental midget
No studio thug and I'm a skinny jeans bigot
Fuck a truck stops a lot like lot lizards
Wanted six figures, so I grew a extra digit
Hello hater. I celebrate sipping Dom
I'll lock you in an elevator with Solange
If skill sold, truth be told
I ought to be financially, like double Jay Z
Honestly, the world needs common sense
But I get bitches, so I be rhyming like Common since
You ain't poppin off
Like trying to holla at a chick with boogers hanging out your nose. Bro, knock it off
No legs, walk it off!
Cash rules, I'd rather let my pocket talk!
And Donald Sterlin got banned for life:
So, fuck him and his wife
You'all force me to be a one-nigga Slaughterhouse
A one-man Def Jam
Wrote the Bible with my left hand
Upside down doing a keg-stand
Chris Hardwick, I'm talking to a dead man
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[Refrain 1]
Nigga I'm just talking paper talk
Conversation's getting reckless
Niggas throwing salt - OK
How to disrespect the less
God is good, God is great
Bow our heads and let us pray: Amen

[Refrain 2]
My pen brush paint
Felonies with melodies, baby ... Banksy's
A million dollars on the canvas
My signature demands it, baby... Banksy's
Every color of the rainbow
Unchained like Django, baby ... Banksy's
Mr. Vincent van Gogh's creativity's for sale
Not show! Breakfast at Banksy's
Semi Hendrix
Breakfast at Banksy's

[Outro: Ras Kass]
No! yeah!... No! yeah!
That's how I be sounding when I be fucking your bitch
Check it out
Breakfast at Banksy's
Semi Hendrix
It's Jack Splash and Ras Kass
Yo, check it out, Jack:
I made it a hot verse
Now I've made it a hot song
This shit is dead
Let's bury this bitch, nigga
Done. Murdered. Merked