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Russ - The Flute Song

People keep talkin'
I don't believe (yeah)

I do whatever I want, whenever I want, I love it
People keep talkin', I just keep winning
I'm just like "Fuck it"
They talkin' reckless, I don't believe 'em, I think they're bluffin' (They just be talkin')
They just want clout, I'm just so poppin'
I'm just like "Fuck it"

[Verse 1]
Everybody tryna get a rise out of me (yeah)
Ex girls tryna get a "Hi" out of me (yeah)
I don't talk back 'less you're worthy (no)
Hangin' plaques up like jerseys (sauce)
25 actualized, I'm me
My family relies on me
Treat 5 stars like my home though
Walk around in slippers and robes though
They ain't upholding the code, the industry full of some hoes
They lettin' like anything go
People are shady as fuck
I keep to myself, but I feel the energy though
None of these people are friends to me though
I don't put anything past them
I don't see none of y'all next to me though
I think they mad that I passed them

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