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Run the Jewels - Banana Clipper (feat. Big Boi)

[Verse 1: Killer Mike & El-P]
I move with the elegance of an African elephant
I presented the evidence, eloquent as the President
Evident, it's with emphasis, I deserve me a championship
But before I banana clip, I'ma chill so my man can rip
Little man against Hellion with the heart of a orphan
I got the words of a murderer and a eye for distortion
You take a slice of my portion, I'll take a piece of your profit
I drive at illegal speeds and keep an OZ in my pocket
We run the jewels in your town, a quarter pound on my person
I'm known for pounding the stage, I'm talking burning and cursing
Producer gave me a beat, said it's the beat of the year
I said "El-P didn't do it, so get the fuck outta here!"
You wanna hang? Bring your throat, I got stools and a rope
I'm a slang pope, haranguing the land with a man's flow
A new addition to the art of the old code
That's fully retarded and put a part in your bold dome (Ay, El)
Ay, we the villains, we antagonist bad guys
Mercy me, merciless me putting pain in they sad eyes
It's time for Skywalker talkers meet the true Darth Vader
I hit your mom in '03, but a G ain't ate her
So baby boy, you should tighten up and show some respect
Before I Melvin on you, Jody, put my arm on your neck
Or worse yet, be the reason your girl want a divorce
Be at her crib with your kids saying "Fuck your fort, lil' nigga!"

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