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Run River North - Growing Up

[Verse 1]
There's a fight to be won
For the love you find at home.
Work to be done
Before you rest your weary bones.
I'm finding peace don't come
To everyone I know

So I will love in this life
Until I finally have to go.[x2]

[Verse 2]
Well I know I have lived
Just a wrinkle of my life,
And I hear so many times
It'll be over if I blink twice.
Please forgive if I don't walk
Off that plank stuck in your eye.

I've got my life to love
And I'm here to take what's mine.[x2]

Growing up child
Is just a matter of time,
For giving all you've got,
So won't you dance under the sun.

Growing old
Feels like you're giving up your soul.
I'd rather give it freely
To the ones that I call home.

[Verse 3]
I ain't scared, no not afraid
Of the world in front of me.
I found my way without your help
With a broken family.
I'll take my breaks with my sins,
I'll do as I do please

With my friends 'til the end,
Their lies my loyalty.
With my friends 'til the end,
My lies, their loyalty.

[Verse 4]
I used to close my eyes
To what stirred under my bed,
Now they're open wide
To the monsters in my bed.
Instead of claws, they whisper lies
Sinking fear in quiet steps,

So I will fight in the light
'Til I give my final breath.[x4]


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