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Ruby Throat - Barebaiting

I don't care how well intended
It was meant when he sent it
Long forgot in the blink of an eye
I got your locks all amended
And your bird less well defended
With silk thread to climb you up into the sky
You know that it's true
But of course it's up to you
Still he doesn't love you
Still he doesn't love you

And as he held through the night
He took out your second sight
He left it all for the magpie and the fox
But buried it safe
In your special place
A crease, a crevice you forgot
But he still smells so nice
So against all advice
I creep into the hole that he sleeps
But I must have dropped the key
So I'll just sing until I bleed
Still he doesn't love me
Still he doesn't love me

I take a turn in his tailspin
To churn the urn that he's ailed in
I break the last thread of the screw
My compass cracked in his grip
And as he spits out all my pips
Still he doesn't love you
Still he doesn't love you

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