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Royce da 5'9" - Street Hop

[Woman talking]
The M.I.C. bitch
You show off
Verse one

[Verse 1]
I've been a monster bitch
My shit been bonkers
The flow been conquered
Hoes I been pompous (Smash Squad)
I've been conceited but I don't run with 5-0
I haven't been shot up either and I ain't from Chicago
When I enter the center stage the show's over
Minutes later the floor is frozen, a Rolls, rolls up
I'm demonstratin' a coke flow but I'm so sober
The original +Renegade+ before Hova
They like, "Damn, why ain't Dre ever get him?
He seem like so much anger and pain represent him."
Eminem himself will tell you I'm the only nigga livin'
That done ever spanked him on the same record with him
Your man's gettin' jealous
Cause what I'm spittin' is sicker than his single
He got to think of a dance just to sell it
This is street hop to the fullest
To them real niggas out there on the corner beat boxin' with bullets
Niggas that be trigger packin'
Pop lockin' with Glocks
Could aim well enough to shoot the zippers off your Thriller jacket
Me, I'm the illest rapper
Since every rapper killin'
From here on out, you can call me Shottie The Killer Capper
These record labels just manufacture shit
Like the pimp game homie, I'm here to snatch yo bitch
Got a fist game on me that ain't an afro pick
Try that ying yang on me, I'll handy cap you quick