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Royce da 5'9" - Shake This

Being enlightened is no longer enough; you must apply
Being willing is no longer acceptable; you must do
Make it count

I gotta shake this

I gotta shake this jail shit off me
"He ain't gon' never sell, he gon' fail" shit off me, huh
I gotta shake this weak shit off me, and keep shit off me
And leave it in the streets like, "Bitch, get off me!"

[Verse 1]
1977, July 5th
Conceived immaculately was me, my mom's gift
Unwrapped right there in the room like Christmas
My mind has been designed to do like distance
Run whole laps around y'all with my thoughts
You ain't hold back on yours, nah, that's my fault
Now, picture me falling
All the way to the bottom, and I'm laying there, calling
"Somebody, come help me"
Find my strength to stop drinking this poison
'Fore I drown my gift, and yeah, it's prolly unhealthy
'Cause I went so hard, and woke up sober
I lost my good friend and broke up soldiers
Loco, going hard as a locomotive
Self-loathing like I ain't chosen
Shows to bless souls get exposed
Just know that I ain't folding, huh