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Royce da 5'9" - Murder

[Royce Da 5'9"]
I got a phone call
Six in the morning, anonymous, that said
"Yeah nigga, we got him" and then they hung up
Then I looked down at my iPhone
At the private number saying "Who the fuck is this" to the dial tone
I said fuck it, the next second my phone buzzes
My nigga's wife said nigga's just ran up on cousin
What niggas? She said it was some rappers from Ohio
That been out here known for banana bone thugging
Ran up on him and did what then?
She said they stomped him at the club then pandemonium erupted


[Royce Da 5'9"]
Going through my mind, is she telling me shots was fired
Them Ohio nigga's is rock supplying
Heated, stop answering, start spending them niggas calls
Every time he went to see him he went in them rented cars
So it was even harder to find him so they figured
They'd go to the D tomorrow and surprise him
Did they kill him? "Nah, they only shot a couple times
Heard they was hitting walls." The nerve of these niggas' balls
Who was he with? "He was with Tre"
He in the hospital too? "Nah." Needless to say, call you back
I called up Tre, Tre answered, I said
Hey man, keep it real fam, why the fuck you still standing?
He said, "Nickel I'm a killer, not a fighter
So I got up out the way because my weight's a lot lighter
Them niggas was big so I slid but I promise on my kids
We can get them, I know where them niggas is"
Where them niggas at then? I heard what their crew do
Real niggas, if y'all was in my shoes what would you do?