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Royce da 5'9" - Gorilla Pimp

Yeah (Statik Selektah)
Royce Da 5'9"
Statik Selektah, my nigga Preme
This is the Bar Exam
Gorilla pimp nigga

If you ain't callin' me king, fuck it the mayor will
You think you fly then you about as high as a ferris wheel
You not dope, you like soap, I'm like coke
It's like comparing Clearasil to Seroquel
But there is still too many things to name 'em all
We ain't the same, you niggas is dames in trainin' bras
I get brain from bitches with big tits
You got a dick with shit stains, I hits the hangy ball
That's the deep throat for niggas that don't get it
They so hopeless, bet they can only blow smokin'
No jokin', I'm chrome kitted, whenever you see me ridin'
Unless I'm in Hollywood, gold spoken
My shit kicks the loudest, my chick's kicks is Prada
The big body Benz is sick, kicks is Bravis
Switch out and tell the Impala, to sit high as a big dick toddler
Bitch, get dollars, I don't kick knowledge, I quit college for hip hop
If I get violent, you probably should kick rocks
Verbally vivid, lyrically clear
Snitches shouldn't be murdered
They should just be livin' in fear
They should just be raped, no homo
My professional hit mens will merk for me and they work pro bono
New engine, too sickin'
Me and web, got the hood up on the block watchin' the new Pistons
Shout out to my nigga Will
This is the Bar Exam niggas
Hip hop is alive
Royce just got out of jail
Holla at ya'