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Roo Panes - Land of the Living

[Verse 1]
Where did they go?
That which I cherished and that I wrestled
Don't want to be like the dust that settles
This empire of nothing
I find that I'm king of all these empty halls
That I'm ruled by my own floors

But you can't be an old fire if
You were burning with a new flame
So remember that
You were never a forgotten name

'Cause I know a land called the Land of the Living
It's the world beyond those curtains where we learned the play
I hear the voices of my childhood singing
It's the world beyond those doorways where we used to play

[Verse 2]
'Cause every moment
Is a chance to define what you want to become
You're not a slave to things you've done
Be brave and be bold
Be childish and old, it's the same old story
Every life needs a hope of glory

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