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Roo Panes - I Just Love You

[Verse 1]
You tie your hair up prettily
You say your middle name’s Marie
Well in french that means “star of the sea”
Sounds just right to me

And my painting’s hanging on your wall
So you can look at summer through the fall
Oh we’ve made memories we’ll make some more
Oh I just love you

I just love you
I just love you

[Verse 2]
So mother why’s it hard to say
Things of sincerity nowadays?
Why are we all so afraid
Of saying something real?

'Cos she was lying in the sun
In the quiet corner where the river runs
Well I went insidе and I wrote the words
I just love you
I just lovе you
I just love you

It’s a simple truth
It’s the little things you do
It’s the smile on your lips
When you walk into a room
It’s the birthday card you drew
That make me love you

(I just love you)
I just love you
I just love you (Just love, just love, just love)
Ooh, just love you

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