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Roddy Ricch - War Baby

[Verse 1]
I'm from the bottom of the bottom, check your sources, baby
I'm a war baby, but I can't divorce the pavement
I'm a hood nigga that turned rich so I got Dior's latest
And you know I gotta stick to my roots, I still rock Jordans, baby (Yeah)
It was hell in the projects, I survived the storm
Got brothers in the sky, they die 'fore they born
I know the worst conditions make a champion
Look at my ice, froze like a mannequin
I'm underwater like I'm swimmin' and panickin'
Body bags zipped up like a laminate
The only solution for the opps is to stay inside
How your niggas say they rock, but they don't slide?

'Cause we was hoppin' out in broad day
Serving fiends in the hallway (Yeah)
Promethazine 'til the mornin'
Hope I don't wake up tomorrow
We was the type of niggas that would rob the robbers
I'ma make the choppa sing like la-di-da-da-da (La-da, la-da)
The choppa sing like la-di-da-da-da
Survived in the trenches, I'm a war baby (Mhmm)
Had to slide on the sliders, that ain't normal, baby (Mhmm)

[Verse 2]
Like the mob ties in Houston, we got rag ties
I pray the Lord forgive me the day that I got baptized
'Cause I'ma clutch the sticky every time a car passin' by
I don't wanna be Ricky or another victim to homicide
'Cause I know the soul never dies
I make the chrome-chrome fly
Bitch, I'm a wave, Roll Tide
Bullets at your face, Botox
My persona done got her tongue-tied
I was taught that a legend never dies
When it's time, gotta let the lead fly
'Cause I'm a war-war-war baby
Post-traumatic stress, I know the war changed me
Had to bend back but they could never break me
Had to slide

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