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Roddy Ricch - Boom Boom Room

I've been on top for a while (Top for a while)
NASA shippin' to the moon
Fast car, make it go vroom, vroom
Take her to The Boom Boom Room
I'm a visionary, I got these niggas scary, hmm
Bought a big Patek with a brand new wrist setting, hmm
Inside the new Maybach coupe peanut butter, jelly, mm
I'ma slide in the Rolls, slide in the Lamb, slide in the Benz
Been workin' on my confidence
And respect, I get a lot of it
I don't ever mean to contradict
If it's up then it's up with us

Tell 'em pour another cup with us (Pour that, pour that)
Even my brother sippin' mud with me
My bitch is a ten, my jet in the wind, I fucked at the Wynn
My dawg just caught another body, now he poppin' Xannies again
Caught his ass slippin' at the cul-de-sac
Slidin' on the opps, playin' toe tag (Tag)
Just in Miami, I was chillin' where the Zoes at
In the Rolls Royce, I don't need the LoJack
Keep the forty-five I had to hold it (Hold it)
Gotta ride with it 'cause I'm chosen
I just pulled up on Lemmy Lams
Playin' dice with Mustard, bet it on the four-to-ten
I remember wonderin' when I'm gon' eat
Pull up the Bentley with no key

“Boom Boom Room” is the ninth track off of Roddy Ricch’s debut studio album, Please Excuse Me for Being Antisocial. On the track, the Compton native talks about how he’s been in the rap game for some time now where he has reached a level where he is respected in high regard. He also flexes about various luxury accessories and items that he’s purchased throughout his career.

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