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Rod Wave - Richer (feat. Polo G)

[Intro: Rod Wave]
The lotta fight I've been in
Ooh, ooh, mm (Ayo Pluto, you going brazy)

[Verse 1: Rod Wave]
Niggas ain't gettin' no money, tell 'em quit that cappin' (Mmm)
Niggas ain't gettin' no money, tell 'em quit that cappin' (Mmm, yeah)
In this bitch relaxin', you ain't even did your taxes (Yeah)
We went triple platinum, Ion't wanna hear no naggin'
Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, made it happen, uh, uh
Youngin' out that bottom, but he made it happen (Yeah)
I don't wanna make new friends, point me to my ends
Who he think he is in that brand new Benz?
They should've knew I was comin'
Since a lil' youngin', I knew I would get me somе money (Skrrt)
Know I turned nothing to something, I look at your cousin (Grr)
Thе youngin', six million and runnin'
And I promise to keep it one hunnid, keep it one hunnid
You see me grindin' and hustlin'
So, you got to respect me, fuck you, give me my check, please

[Pre-Chorus: Rod Wave]
Youngin' chasin' dreams, reachin' for the stars (What else?)
Be all you can be, eat or you gon' starve (What else?)
A youngin' out that bottom, but he beat the odds (Yeah, yeah)
I ain't gon' lie, I had it hard (Yeah, yeah)

On “Richer,” Rod wave recruits fellow 2020 XXL Freshman Polo G to rap about their newfound affluence while also reminiscing on their accolades and accomplishments.

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